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Create Your Ideal Life

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Are you feeling stressed, frustrated, and unfulfilled at work?  Do you want to live your ideal life, filled with purpose and passion?  Time is precious – don’t wait to experience joy every day.

I am a Certified Life and Health Coach who works with busy professionals who feel unfulfilled and stuck with where they are in their careers.  I inspire them to find their true purpose and passion to create energy and excitement in their lives.

After a successful corporate career as chief legal officer for a healthcare system, I wanted to help others achieve success in their careers while balancing their time to enjoy all aspects of their lives. 
I am passionate about helping others who are looking to reach their full potential.  So many of us get caught up in the busy-ness of our lives, we forget to take time to care for ourselves and focus on what brings us joy.


LGBTQIA+ ally  

For a long time, I found it difficult to answer that simple question.  I was so busy earning a living and supporting my family, I lost touch with what I would really like to be doing every day.  

What is it that you really want in life?

Nancy Sheehan Life Coach

"I believe in helping people rise into their true destiny, by remembering who they are, rediscovering their dreams, and becoming the change agent to reach their potential and live a fulfilled, purposeful life."

Nancy Sheehan

Do you want to thrive rather than merely survive in life?

We can work together to discover what you would love to have in your life by embracing your talents and desires so everyday gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment.


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1:1 COACHING - 12 wks

Find Fullfillment Now

12 Weeks to feel fulfilled and joyful every day.

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1:1 COACHING - 6 wks

Fill your Life with Joy


6 Weeks to discover your passion and find joy in your life.

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12 weeks to connect with your true purpose and live your ideal life

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Personal, Corporate & Kids/Teens​

8 week Master's Degree Program from Stanford University.

 Do you know how to get it?

My coaching programs can help you find answers and take prescribed action steps that will help you reach your ideal life within 6-12 weeks.  

Are you able to say what it is that you really want in life?


"Nancy creates an environment of trust, calm and honesty, in which I am able to be myself, feel heard and understood. Her honest and sincere curiosity enables her to truly help me find my true self.  Nancy has enabled me to confidently grow and thrive.  Thank you Nancy!"

James Van der Walt

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