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Hi, I'm Nancy Sheehan

Nancy Sheehan Life Coach

My Story


I am passionate about self-development and trying to be the best version of myself that I can be.  I bring years of research, study, and practice of self-improvement to my clients so they may also reach new levels of enrichment in their lives. 


Rocky Start

Following a divorce in my early 20’s with three little ones to care for, I began the journey of exploring and understanding why I do the things I do. I did not want to fall into old patterns that resulted in unhappiness.  I decided to enroll in college and become a nurse.  As a Registered Nurse, I worked for ten years in mental health, continuing to learn more about human behavior. 

I remarried, creating a “yours, mine, and ours” blended family.  My husband and I worked hard on becoming life partners and better parents and stepparents.  Was it easy?  No!  Was it perfect? No!  We learned to be flexible and accept that we are a work in progress.

Law School

I continued with my education and went to law school.  As a lawyer, I was able to continue my own development as a professional which included improving my emotional intelligence to allow me to prosper in my career and personal life.  


Health & Fitness

Outside of work, I spent time with my husband, kids, pets and extended family.  As the kids aged and started leaving the nest, I found more time for fitness.  Exercising was always a part of my life, but now I had time to bring a social aspect to it as well.  

 I started running when I was 37 years old and ran numerous marathons and even a couple of ultra-marathons (longer than 26.2 miles).  I am a fitness fanatic and love moving my body to stay both physically and mentally strong. I love to run, cycle, practice Pilates and yoga and do strength training.

Practicing active meditation is another way I like to stay spiritually grounded and focused on what’s important and teach my clients the same – to remain present with their own truth.  I believe in creating balance in our lives to experience inner peace and feel fully satisfied.  
I bring a sense of curiosity, not judgment, to find out how my clients can reach their own best-self.  We work to discover what’s working, what’s not and how to change old behaviors that have been problematic.  

Where to Find Me

I am a certified Health and Life Coach - Mastery Prepared.  I also work as legal counsel for a mental health agency and am enjoying every day with my life partner, Marc.  We love to spend our free time with friends, our grown children and most of all our grandchildren!  We split our time between Western New York, Denver and Seattle.



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"The coaching sessions were fun and I have enjoyed challenging myself with Nancy's help to reach new levels of insight!"

Connie Bauer

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