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  • Nancy Sheehan

Creating Abundance in Your Life

This is an excerpt from the ART OF SELF CONNECTION Coaching Summit on May 20, 2023.

Four insightful, inspired and engaging coaches, Elisa Boogaerts, Christine Alyse, James VanderWalt and me, presenting on Connecting with yourself on a deeper level to create the life you've dreamed of. We'll talk about how to build confidence and improve relations, maneuver through transitions so that you're life is far better in the long run, learning to find joy in your life, and how to create abundance in your life.

Having abundance in your life, whether its an abundance of love, personal relationships, time or money, all requires cultivating a mindset that receives and gives willingly. Our perceptions, feelings and beliefs may be blocking our ability to receive. We can change this through mindful activities of meditation, journaling and taking action steps that open your energy field to a higher level, being able to receive and give. Create an ebb and flow in your life of love and money.

My free gifts to those registered are two of the tools I'll be talking about: a recorded Meditation and Journal prompts for creating abundance.

Journal Prompts for Creating Abundance in Your Life

When I try to let go of old beliefs that stop me from having financial freedom ….

When I picture myself having financial freedom, I see …….

I’m committed to creating positive energy and attracting good things into my life by ….

When I hit the brick wall and can’t move forward, I will …..

I can see myself being able to receive and to give more freely …..

The steps I’m willing to take so that I enjoy having money is …..

I am willing to explore new ways to earn more money ……

I believe there is more than enough money in this world for everyone …..

My life will be more rewarding when I give …..

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